Intelligent Applications

There are about 1,1 b cars worldwide. This corresponds to 1,1 b car ownerswhich are just waiting for applications to make the drivers live easier, more economic or just a bit more interesting.

The car market is highly relevant in an economic sense and at the same time very emotional. A good combination for developers to come up with innovative solutions which reach out to a big market. Today numerous apps and services already give an insight of the technical possibilities in this field. The reach of some of the existing apps is prove that there is a high demand in the automotive apps field.

In general there are two kinds of applications in this market: On-board and off-board. The biggest challenge for successfull application developers lies in the combination of the app with the vehicle and the big reach.

Connecting the car via separate USB/WLAN/Bluotooth-Dongle to the user or the internet adds more complexity and uncertainty to this equation. This leads to a worse customer experience and a lower success rate for application development.

AutoScout24 CarDataCloud

AutoScout24 is working on a universal connection to your car. This will enable access to different forms of data such as location, driving data, statistics and vehicle sensors.

The big advantage for developers: For building an application there is one single supplier granting access for all types of manufacturers.

The connection (as of July 2013) gives access to the following data:

  • Position (GPS-coordinates)
  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Fuel level
  • Engine RPM
  • Position of throttle

After user authorization the data can be accessed via the AutoScout24 CarDataCloud. Developer therefore get the possibility to work with big amounts of information.

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