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Apps and the CarDataCloud

Every new car has a standardized OBD-2 data port. This universal port give access to vehicle data which up to now has mainly been used by car manufacturers and car garages. Only few independent services build on this standard to enhance the customer experience.

The CarDataCloud as central storage place for the personal data gives developers the possibility to build cross-brand applications. At the same time we enable customers to use their personal to enhance the experience with their car or while on the road.

The necessary hardware which connects the vehicle to the internet ist based on the OBD-2 standard. This ensures easy installation and cross brand functionality. In the EU the data port is obligatory for
all new vehicles after 2001.

We have collected applications based on OBD-2 or in relevant areas for the CarDataCloud of AutoScout24. You find an overview of all applications, just follow this link.