Safer roads with Connected Car

Create safer roads with E-Call services and live traffic information powered by Connected Car Cloud.

Open Standards

“If the only thing keeping you from crashing your car is that no one is talking about this, then you’re not safe anyway.” Charlie Miller on Car IT and data security.

Keep on Moving

Dynamic navigation and real time data with AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud. We get show you how to get there faster.

Keep your car healthy

Get all the information about your car with AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud. What has been a privilege of garages is now available to everyone.

AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud brings your car into the internet

We build the app store for cars and enable any solution you need

Connection to your Car

No matter which device you have with AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud you always have a connection to your car.

This enables value added solutions for you and your car.

All Apps

Offene Systeme

Wir bei AutoScout24 glauben an offene Systeme um Lösungen zu ermöglichen.

Mit der API für registrierte Entwickler können die Datenmengen moderner Fahrzeuge endlich genutzt werden.



AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud enables location based services to secure and improve personal mobility.

Reduce times in traffic jam, optimize driving behavior or connect with other users.

Mobility Apps


AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud makes the roads safer.

E-Call: In case of an accident you can install an automatic emergency call.

In case of a breakdown you can install an automatic service call.

Safety Apps

Keep your car healthy

AutoScout24 Connected Car Cloud gives you the direct connection to your car. What has up till now has only been used by manufacturers and garages will be available to you.

All the information you need to keep your car running.

Diagnosis Apps